Education Program


  • Imagine if the purpose, goals and understanding from your Montessori training automatically downloads into your documentation!  
  • Fully linked to EYLF and your region’s kindergarten (or preschool) documentation!   
  • With just a few clicks, share the highlights with parents and prepare full reports for interviews or audits.    
  • The records you keep on food, toileting and sleep entered at the click of a button, and parents  automatically provided with the information.
  • Increases your observation, facilitation and interaction time, by decreasing your writing time.
  • Allows you to edit, adjust and replicate


  • Complete records quickly in the classroom
  • Track children’s progress at the touch of a button
  • Learning Experiences easily link to the EYLF and Qld Kindergarten Guidelines.  (Customisable)
  • Learning Experiences link to Montessori Goals Derived from Montessori National Curriculum
  • Complete programming plan online. 
  • Summary of current goals visible to all educators in the classroom
  • Highlights easily shared with parents


Documentation and Planning for Montessori Curriculum – birth – 6  linked with EYLF and Qld Kindergarten Guidelines





Recording of Food

The “Enter Food” tab allows the educators to quickly enter in the meal and the quantity the children have consumed on that day. 

This information is automatically sent to the parents.



Daily Task Nappies

The nappies screen allows the educators to keep track of the time the last nappy/toileting has been completed to ensure that all of the children’s nappy/toileting requirements are completed.

This screen works as a two-touch process and the information is automatically recorded to the system and to the parents.



Entering Sleep Times

Recording sleeps times is a one touch process. This allows for easy entering for busy educators. 

It is a one touch to start the sleep time and one touch to end the sleep time. 

Educators can easily see who is still asleep by the symbol in the top left-hand corner of each child. 

Purpose-built software for Montessori Early Education Centres and Schools

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